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STC-LifeChances have negotiated favourable terms with the well-known shipping agent Trico. Please click here to see contact details of your regional Trico agent. Please note that you will have to bear all shipping costs to Colombo. STC-LifeChances will bear all costs thereafter. Please address your shipment to:

c/o The Warden
S Thomas’ College
Sri Lanka

Please indicate; Charitable donation of used/unused items in the shipping document.

You will need to take a picture of each item and upload it together with a description and expected price:


  • When considering shipping an item, please consider its value/volume ratio. For example, it may not be profitable to ship large items of furniture because of the high shipping cost.
  • In determining your expected price, please bear in mind that charity shops normally sell items below the second hand value.
  • STC-LifeChances will sell your items and donate the net proceeds to College. If the expected price is too excessive, you will be advised accordingly.
  • You will be able to monitor the sale of your items on this website by clicking on ‘Buy items on this website’ and ‘view items’. The status of an item will be displayed as one of the following:
    • For pre-view only – item not yet received in Colombo
    • Sold/unsold
  • After being sold, an item will be displayed on the website for one month.

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