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About Us

1.0    Preamble

In March 2012, a group of past students of S.Thomas’ College Mt Lavinia in Sri Lanka ( the College ) formed STC-LifeChances  ( the Charity ) with the good intention to assist the College and its students.

S.Thomas’ College is a long established college in Sri Lanka. Although originally founded in 1851 as an Anglican Christian School with Christian values being the corner stone, today students of all races and religions study in a most harmonious manner characteristic of which is the life-long unifying Thomian spirit of comradeship, fair play and good citizenship.  S.Thomas’ College Mt Lavinia which is sometimes lovingly called the ‘school by the sea’ is today one of the foremost educational institutions in Sri Lanka.  See:

2.0    Constitution  (  Note: This is a summary. Click 'constitution' to see the full version )

The Charity is an innovative internet based world-wide fund raising campaign aimed solely to assist the College and its students. It is an independent organisation based in the United Kingdom. Its members and officials are drawn from past students and well-wishers of the College residing in the UK and many other countries.

2.1     Governance

The decision making body of the Charity is its Committee. The members of the Committee reside in many countries and for this reason it is not possible to meet in person. Discussions and consultations shall take place via email and video/telephone conferencing.  Resolutions shall be passed by a simple majority except amendments to the Constitution which will require a two third majority. In the formative first year of operation, the Committee and its Chair shall be appointed by voluntary consent; thereafter procedures shall be set up to elect the Committee and its officers and appoint a minimum of two trustees. All Committee members and officers shall be honorary. The Committee shall co-opt members as and when necessary.

2.2     Mission statement

The Mission Statement of the Charity that has been agreed by the founding Committee is as follows:

To provide scholarships and bursaries to needy students of S Thomas’ College Mt.Lavinia, to enhance their educational experience and secondly to assist the College in its infrastructure improvement programs. The aim is to achieve an impact which is sustainable over a ten year period, and possibly beyond.

Sustainability is important and shall be a key requirement. For example, a scholarship to an individual student shall have to be sustained for at least ten years, depending at what stage it was awarded.  ‘Educational experience’ shall encompass sports and other extracurricular activities and the provision of teaching and learning tools. The majority of the funds raised shall go towards scholarships, bursaries and enhancing the student experience in preference to infrastructure programs.

2.3     Financial modalities, fund raising methodology, transparency and accountability

Proper records and supporting documentation shall be maintained at all times. During the initial 2 years, Financial Statements will be prepared on a half yearly basis within 1 month after the end of each period from the date of commencement of operations. Thereafter the said Financial Statements will be prepared on a quarterly basis. These will be circulated to the members/trustees within a further period of one week. Running totals of funds raised and funds transferred to College shall be published regularly on the website. Half yearly reports on the end use of the funds transferred to College shall be requested from the Warden of the College and published on the website. All Committee resolutions shall be published on the website as and when they are made. During the formative first year of operation, the Chair of the Committee shall bear sole legal responsibility for the funds raised and for the general conduct of the Charity. A member of the Committee shall co-sign all financial transactions with the Chair. After the first year of operation, trustees shall be appointed who then shall bear legal responsibility. The Charity website shall facilitate convenient and  innovative ways for old Thomians and other well-wishers to contribute; donate cash through a secure portal, sell items on eBay and donate the sale revenue, ship items to Sri Lanka to be sold in Sri Lanka. 100% of the donor funds shall be ring-fenced and transferred to College. Agreed operational costs shall be met from the revenue generated from advertisements in the website.

3.0 The Committee

The founding Committee members are listed below:

Dr V M Weerasinghe  -   Chair  (uk)

Mr R Karunaratne  (uk)

Mr N De Silva       (uk)

Prof. A P De Silva           (uk)

Mr K Seevaratnam         (uk)

Mr D R Weerasinghe       (ca)

Mr B Rajanathan    (ca)

Dr S Abeykoon     (lk)

Mr A Dias Bandaranaike            (lk)

Mr H Jafferjee        (lk)

Mr G D V Perera   (lk)

Mr J Waidyaratne            (lk)

Dr D Lecamwasam           (au)

Mr T Mohottie       (au)

Mr D Ekanayake    (de)



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